Graeme Godbaz New Zealand modern landscape artist
New Zealand Landscape Artist

Graeme Godbaz was born in Wellington in 1936 and spent his early life in the Nelson/Marlborough region, where he grew to love the beautiful scenery that New Zealand has to offer.

Graeme was good at drawing from a very early age and excelled in this throughout his education but was unable to undertake further studies so embarked on a varied commercial business career.

He took up painting in oils as a hobby in his 20's and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a demand for his work, but it was not until he retired that he took up his brushes again, this time painting in acrylics.

His passion is the New Zealand landscape and his bold and colourful panoramic paintings display both a sound grasp of draughtsmanship and excellent composition.

Although based in Auckland he travels regularly throughout NZ in search of that special scene. He describes his art as bold realism.

Graeme Godbaz at work